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Feature Credits

Full Credits


League of Legends [PC] - Sound Design

League of Legends: Wild Rift [Mobile] - Sound Design

Teamfight Tactics [PC/Mobile] - Audio Lead

Hardcore Mecha [PS4/PC] - Sound Design, Music

Immortal Legacy: The Jade cipher [PSVR] - Sound Design, Music

Call of Duty Mobile [Mobile] - Sound Design

Diablo: Immortal [PC/Mobile] - Sound Design

Party Animals [PC] - Sound Design

Lost Soul Aside [PS4/PS5] - Sound Design

Showa American Story [PS4/PS5/PC] - Sound Design​

Rumbleverse [PS/XBOX/Epic] - Sound Design​

Your Toy [PS4/Switch] - Sound Design, Music

Honor of Kings [Mobile- Sound Design, Music

Splitgate: Arena Warfare [PC] - Sound Design

The Red Lantern [Switch] - Sound Design

Neon Abyss [PC/PS4/XBOX/Switch] - Sound Design

MARVEL Super War [Mobile] - Sound Design

Torchlight: Infinite [Mobile- Sound Design

EVE Echos [PC- Sound Design

PokerStars VR [PC] - Sound Design

Terminator: Guardian of Fate [VR] - Sound Design

ARENA OF VALOR [Switch/Mobile] - Sound Design, Music

Wilderness Action [Mobile- Sound Design

Witch's Weapon [Mobile- Sound Design, Music

Haak [PC] - Sound Design

Moonlight Blade [PC/Mobile] - Sound Design

The Lord of The Rings: Rise to War [Mobile- Sound Design

Evotinction [PS4] - Trailer Sound Design

AI-LIMIT [PS4- Trailer Sound Design

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD [Mobile- Sound Design

Disorder [Mobile- Sound Design

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang [Mobile- Sound Design

Cross Fire [Mobile- Sound Design

King of Hunters [Mobile- Sound Design

Shadow of Nyog [Mobile- Sound Design

Journey of Greed [PC] - Sound Design

Lord XUE YING [Mobile] - Sound Design

Astracraft [Mobile] - Sound Design

Geniiius! [Mobile] - Sound Design

Under One Person [Mobile] - Sound Design

Ace Force [Mobile] - Sound Design

Super Mecha Champions [Mobile] - Sound Design

Kingdoms Mobile [Mobile- Sound Design

Battle teams 2 [PC] - Sound Design

Judgment of Rage [PS4/Xbox- Sound Design

Mahjong Panda [Web] - Sound Design, Music

C-WARS [PC]  - Sound Design, Music

‎Flight Tycoon [Mobile- Sound Design, Music

‎Parking Tycoon [Mobile- Sound Design, Music

Dobee’s War [Mobile- Sound Design, Music


Devotion - Sound Mixer

The Last Silence - Sound Designer

Sound of New Year - Sound Designer

Hero for a Day - Sound Designer

The Changing Room - Sound Designer, Mixer

Hollywood Bob - Sound Designer

Separator - Sound Designer

Looking for Liana - Sound Designer

Quake De Love - Sound Designer

The Everlasting Flame: Beijing 2008 - Sound Recordist

Dream Weavers: Beijing 2008 - Sound Recordist

Separator - Sound Designer, Composer

Wan Jian Chuan Xin - Music Editor

The Love Of Drum - Music Editor

August Cinderella - Sound Design

Two families from WenZhou - Sound Recordist

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